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Which logo do you prefer?

Which logo fits better the Chronas project? The more illustrative (left) or abstract (right)? Both? Neither?

Express your opinion by upvoting the LEFT, RIGHT, BOTH, NEITHER comments.


Mankiko . · 3 years ago

Neither. The Sun light clock is acceptable. But the dude on the bottom, is in a kinda of a sad position. The other logo is too uninspired. I'd put just the clock on top of an wooden like board. Since wood, kinda looks timeless.

Dietmar Aumann · 3 years ago

Hi Mankiko, the logo to the left is supposed to show Atlas (Chronos + Atlas). Actually it is an abstract version of John Singer Sargent's painting:

Mankiko . · 3 years ago

Hi Dietmar. Sir John S. Sargent was a guy of overdedication. And this picture represents that well. I suppose that cartography does require a lot of dedication. But since chronology doesn't. The final logo still need the wood like pattern.

Nick Wood · 3 years ago

I prefer the right hand side one I think!

Jose Manuel Lueje Bueno · 3 years ago

the leftone is better, reflect te time and the space in one picture

Ihor Pona · 3 years ago

Left one. Right one is too Bauhaus and Quixotic

Theologos Ntairousis · 3 years ago

The left hand side I think...