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Help the project: Spread the word!

Chronas is released since a couple of weeks now but nobody knows us yet.

If you like to help, consider sharing the link on social media and spread the word on history boards and like-minded communities. Before the project can move on to the final release (dynamic data edits), we need to build a community of people who are actually interested in it.

Feel free to leave a comment on which platform you linked us to ...and thanks!


Dietmar Aumann · 3 years ago

Thanks to the admins at https://www.facebook.com/The-History-of-Byzantium-Podcast-Listeners-403854822970245/?fref=nf for sharing a link to Chronas!

Ale Mour · 3 years ago

i m very sad that i see that you maping skopjie as Makedonia in entire history.Makedonia is a region inside Greece.skopije use to be Vardaska,i cant see anywere that on the map.i m going to use the legal rights that Europian cuncil has giving me if this keep happening. Αλεξανδρος

James Mills · 3 years ago

@Ale_Mour: It depends on who you are with the first sentence.

Elizabeth Faulcon · 3 years ago

This is amazing I am sharing it on my Humanities Instructional Design Blog. http://efaulcon.blogspot.com/2016/01/timeline-of-history-explore-chronos-and.html