The moderators who are part of the Chronas project. Should you be here? Join us!

Name Have
Adriano Mercurio
Ajdin Baručija
Alex McDonnell
history degree
Andy Nguyen
Computer Science Degree Candidate, Grand Strategy Game Player
Antonis Klapsis
PhD in History
Antun Almighty
Currently studying history, great fact checker
Araksya Mikayelyan
Ben Hansen
Bert de Bruijn
Bialeniec Sarmacki
moderator experience on polish historical forum.
Bobby Sands
Bogdan-Ioan Moisă
Passion for history and politics
Bogdan-Ioan Moisă
Passion for history and politics
Carlos Ross
BA in Japanese, long term interest in history and geography, 1x National Geographic Bee runner up (1991), 3x Jeopardy champion (2013)
Chrysanthi Kremmyda
History degree
Daniel Dudu
Law & marketing degrees, English fluency and a deep pleasure in study of history and geography
Daniel Mares
B.A. History, 6 Years Teaching High School US History
Dario Sanna
Moderator experience
David Clark
Political Science Degree, History Minor, 17 years teaching geography, history, and humanities. Currently work with and coach social studies teachers.
Dietmar Aumann
IT Background
Dimitrios Adalis
Dimitris Giannakidis
Dimitris Michalakis
Dina Gianou
Dragan Ćirković
Archaeology degree
Eirini Papanikolopoulou
Elizabeth Faulcon
Degree in Humanities
Emrah Kabul
Enerik Bicaku
Evan Armour
Lifelone passion for history and a lot of experience editing wikis
Evangelia Oikonomou
primary education degree
History Degree
Giorgos Plevris
history degrre, ict educator
Gregory Meyer
Grzegorz Rudnicki
Heidi Exarhu
Degree in History and Archaeology, Experience in creating teaching material
Ilya Vorontsov
Ioannis Kontaktsoglou
Hisotry degree
Jacob Horton
BA in History (UCLA) MA in Oral History (Columbia NYC)
Jacson Cristiano do Amaral
History degree
James Mills
Mod experience
James Walts
History degree, education degree, and amongst other things an avid interest in history.
Juris Doctorate, heavily educated in British History, and I run The British History Podcast.
Jazmin Vargas
Johannes Nulk
Nationalist Insights- I can offer insights about the historical accuracy on my country.
Jonathan Wade
History degree and experience moderating web comment pages.
Jose Loaiza
Jose Manuel Lueje Bueno
Degree in political science and public administration
Kaiser The Kaiser
Katerina Athanasiou
Katerina Skokou
Koen Adams
History degree University, Author of several history books and atlases
Konstantinos Balkamos
MA in International and Global History,Msc in Politics
Konstantinos Paschalidis
Konstantinos Stampoulis
experience in Wikipedia, Wikidata, etc. WP admin since 2005.
Kristin Warry
I have moderated many forums, and have been on the UK national committees for local government geographic indormation amd addressing, have worked often with the Association of Geographic Information, and was pleasantly surprised to be put on the map of the top international geo-hipsters thanks to my twitter feed and its tweets.
Lefki Karagiannaki
Luciano Miraballes
Played too much strategy games and read lot of wikipedia articles
Mark Chapan
Obsessive reader on pre-Colonial and early-Colonial history of the Americas, plus general interest in history and a history BA so I know the basics of sourcing and citing.
Mary Constantoglou
Matthew Ziebarth
B.S. Geography, Collection of historical geographic literature, 5 years experience w/ spatial databases including Postgres and geoserver technology, too many hours in EU4
Mike Fernandez
Moderator experience
Miltos Miltiadous
Nail Mustafazade
Nikhil Dwibhashyam
A great ability to fact-check and a passion for history.
Panagiotis Lamprou
Literature degree
Paris Chaviaras
Paulina Valenzuela
PedeJo _
Pesda John
Ph.D. in Russian history, Kent State University. I have coordinated and moderated over 300 scholarly lectures and have presented more than 500.
Rabbi Dov Hochbaum
René Sola
Rupert Clayton
10 years' WP experience
Ryan Muther
History degree, computer science degree
Sara Takala
Theology degree with historical and educational studies, academic research experience
Sevi Billi
Tasos Athanasopoulos
Thanos Black
Theologos Mavridis
Vyacheslav Lanovoy
Wesley Hedgepeth
BA & MAT in Secondary Social Studies Education; moderated #sschat on Twitter
Xeni Gerna
Zurab Tskvitinidze
MA in History
adrianus gallius
national guide in Greece
andreas apakis
brian leon carrillo
carolina ortega hernandez
efstathios michailidis
giannis karagiannis
john zivas
l g
marina constantinou
nick pap
political science degree
stavros tsoukalas
tasos anastasiou
history of arts and Greek civilisation
Άννα- Μαρία Καρακωνσταντίνου
lessons in Philology at University of Ioannina like student
Αμαλία Τηνιακού
Ελένη Γκερμπούρα
Κυβέλη Παπανικολάου
γιωργος πιτσικοκος
Иван Базанов