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Beta Online!

As of Friday 16th October chronas.org is live and serving requests!

This is a big milestone reached after a 1-year development and testing phase. In the ABOUT section I already expressed my thoughts on how I see this stage of development and where we want to go from here.

To sum it up: Chronas will only have reached it's full potential when data can be actively edited and changed by the community. 

This next stage of development will take efforts and time which is why I put up the read-only application to get feedback of the community and users. I am yet undecided on what factors I will make the decision to move forward. I do not want to set up an arbitrary number of registered members as a goal but rather the general response on how useful this application actually is should be decisive.

I am also thinking about a crowdfunding campaign (Kickstarter for example) to estimate the demand. Please let me know how you feel about that in the comments.

Also, if you want to help this project, please use the discussion board in the TALK section and keep the community alive in general discussions, improvement ideas, bug reports and feature requests.

... and thanks for being here!!

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